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highly recommend Bravo K9. thanks to Arlene, our 7 month year old GSD is brilliant with people, relaxed around other dogs & great both on/off the lead . Arlene is... read more

Katie Oliver Avatar Katie Oliver
February 27, 2023

Arlene has been absolutely incredible in regaining my dog’s (Elsa) confidence. I am so happy I made the decision to go with her! I have the resources to continue my... read more

joannna woods Avatar joannna woods
November 10, 2022

Arlene is being a great teacher for me and my two dogs. She’s passionate about all her animals and her teaching is simple and easy to follow . She sends... read more

Tina Miles Avatar Tina Miles
November 5, 2022

I seriously didn't think I had a hope in hell training our one year old Lab/retriever Woody. 4 weeks down the line he has totally transformed to a very well behaved... read more

Carl Avatar Carl
March 21, 2022

Arlene has been a life saviour to me as I have moved from battling with my extremely anxious/aggressive GSD, (who took protecting me to an extreme) to now enjoying her.... read more

Zoe Maiden Avatar Zoe Maiden
October 10, 2021

Client testimonials

I first met Arlene Dibble of Bravo K9 in 2013 after my ‘dog trainer’ told me my Labrador, Ruby, was ‘untrainable’. The training she has provided has exceeded my highest expectations right from the outset.

I have developed an extremely strong bond with my dog and an understanding of how she sees and interacts with the world around her. Ruby responds to me with astonishing detail and has such an enthusiasm for learning as it is such an enjoyable process, not only for her, but for me too.

The foundation of the training is all about being able to effectively communicate with my dog and most importantly what my dog communicates to me. I even went on to compete with Ruby, winning first rosettes including categories for obedience and dog handler interaction in her first competition!
I feel very privileged that Ruby and I have been fortunate enough to gain from Arlene’s expertise.

Dr Sosie Kassab
Director of Complementary Cancer Services, Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, Part of UCLH NHS Foundation Trust

Arlene, of Bravo K9, has revolutionised the way that I live & work with my 5 year old, German Shepherd rescue bitch. She has enabled me to communicate effectively and calmly with a large dog with behavioural & emotional issues, manifesting in rowdy, disruptive behaviour at home & displaying aggressive tendencies towards other dogs outside. 

Arlene has worked with me to unlock the potential of what is now a calm, loving girl & has supported me throughout with advice, patience & humour, unlocking my confidence & thus allowing the dog & I to progress. 

This massive achievement has been acquired in just three months & we continue to work together, to educate myself & my dog, because I have enjoyed the whole process immensely. Her knowledge of dogs & behaviour is extensive & well informed & her training methods use the dog’s natural abilities, coupled with a rational, consistent, gentle approach. 

Annette Sheffield
Specialist Learning Support Teaching Assistant, Hertford UK

We rescued our boxer puppy at 14 months old and discovered we were his third home. We soon sympathised with his previous owners as he was more than a handful having only had older rescue dogs previously. We contacted Arlene at Bravo K9 and she conducted a home visit initially during which we received some invaluable advice, which worked straight away. We then had a series of one on one lessons that were very reasonably priced that really brought out our dog’s true personality and challenged him mentally.

The improvement has been amazing and he is now far happier (as are we!). He is very well trained and performs far above what we ever expected of him. He has also become very affectionate, which is something he was not before. I could not recommend her and her business highly enough. She has literally prevented us from having to send our little one back to be re homed for a fourth time and really made him an indispensable member of the family.

Alex, Sarah, Rufus & Bentley
W.G.C, Herts

I have been training with Arlene now for a year and I can honestly say that she has changed the dynamics of the relationships that I have with my two dogs. The training focuses primarily on the behaviours and how to translate the smallest of indicators into meaningful messages. Eye contact plays an instrumental part of the training, and is used to promote focus and stability in the dog. Arlene is able to aid you in analysing the dogs behaviour and then construct a tailored approach individual to that particular dog.
I have a Spaniel and a Labrador, both have been trained under Arlene’s guidance for scent detection and also most recently foundation gun dog training.

Arlene as an individual is incredibly collaborative and whether the training environment is a one on one or group session she will always make the session feel like you are working together to achieve the objectives. Arlene will explain each step carefully and will give examples all to ensure that you understand not only what you are doing but why you are doing it and what the end result should be. This is vital as it means both you and the dog know what good looks like.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Arlene to anyone who has dog training requirements and wishes to reach optimal results.

Miss N Churchley
Head of Operations Swift Advances Plc. Hertford, UK

When I first started training with Arlene I was at my wits end with my 3 year old Staffy boy Blue, who had serious anxiety and fear issues towards other dogs after being attacked whilst out on a walk, this made him seem aggressive towards other dogs, so I practised avoidance walking him late at night and early mornings only. Arlene was able to instil in me an understanding of how my dog was feeling and how my anxieties were heightening his.

The behaviour training I underwent with Arlene and Blue was second to none and it has given us a new lease of life and my new found understanding of my dog and his behaviours has made us stronger and inseparable. Arlene’s foundations of training are based on reward for desired and positive behaviours and not on punishment, eye contact and respect between owner and dog is essential. I learnt that I needed to be his confident leader and that my dog should look to me in every situation, Blue is happier and more secure now he knows I’m in control of every situation.

The training Arlene has been able to provide for us has meant that Blue is now a more confident and content dog who enjoys a range of activities I never would have believed he could achieve before coming to Bravo K9. Blue is outstanding at agility and enjoys this immensely. He has developed a sound ability to search and find and this is one of his favourite activities learned through training with Arlene.

Arlene is an amazing dog trainer who has an extensive understanding of the physiology and psychology of the dogs she works with. She is able to make people feel welcome and at ease she has a positive outlook on life and this radiates from her. Arlene’s passion for her chosen career is evident to all who speak with her and the intensive and comprehensive training she has undergone to get to where she is as a professional dog trainer demonstrates her desire to excel in her chosen field. I would have no problems in recommending Arlene to others and have in the past done this as I believe her training is the best money can buy and is worth every penny

Anna French-Walker
Teacher. Harlow, Essex UK